1) Using TrafficNeedz Website Free?
Yes, the registration process is simple & it's completely free.
2) What Benefits would i get if i subscribe to VIP Membership?
Following below mentioned benefits you get with VIP Service :-

1) Increased Daily Login Rewards
2) Free Monthly Rewards
3) GEO Targeting Advertisements
4) Priority Advertisements Of Your Ads
5) Auto Surfing Of Ads
3) What Kind Of Websites Are Accepted?
All kinds of Internet Websites, Forums or Blogs are Accepted.

Following Nature Of Websites Are Blocked

- Contain Pornographic Or Adult Content
- Contain Pop-ups, Redirects, Opening Dialog Boxes
- Contain Sliders, Malicious Code, Spyware, Viruses
- Sites with Music, Sound & Movies ACTIVATED Automatically
- Sites With 404 Error Page Or Under Construction

These Sites Will Be Deleted Immediately
4) What are Coins?
It is a Virtual currency used to Deliver Unique Traffic for your Website.
5) What is CPC?
CPC is the amount of coins paid for every unique visitors send by us to your website. The higher CPC is, the faster you receive visitors. Besides that, time spent by visitor on your website is based on CPC, so if you set a higher CPC, you get a longer visit.
6) How can I get Coins?
You can get free coins by visiting other people websites. Also you can buy them or receive them as daily bonus, from coupon codes, etc.
7) How many Accounts can I make?
You are allowed to use just ONE account. If you register more than one account, we will BAN ALL your accounts.
8) Why my Websites are not shown in surfing list?
You can not surf your own websites. Your website is only available to surf for other members.
9) How I can track my Website Results?
You can track your Website Results by clicking on My Websites icon.
10) Why does the system redirects me back to the login page every time I try to login?
It is because cookies are disabled in your web browser. You will need to enable cookies in your web browser to access your account on Trafficneedz.com
11) Why my website shows a Blank (White) Screen when it is viewed?
It appears that the website is not compatible with iFrames as your web developer has implemented a setting which hides the website content when it is being viewed inside an iFrame. Please check your website code or contact your developer team to enable them to resolve this issue.
12) Why my website is not visible in search results?
Your account needs to have some coins in order for your website to be visible in the directory. Earn some coins by visiting some websites or buy a coin pack so your website can be shown up in surfing list.